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Just Call Sarah Cleaning Services offers cleaning services for every situation -- last minute cleanings, scheduled, and one time cleanings and those DEEP cleanings when you need it most! Keeping a tidy home is a tedious chore, so let us do it for you. Our team of professionals will leave your property looking good as new! Call us today at (512) 876-4283 for your complimentary quote. 

Our Cleaning Services

See the comprehensive list of areas of cleaning we specialize in here at Just Call Sarah Cleaning Services!

clean living room


Our basic home cleaning services keep your home dust-free in between deep cleanings. You focus on your career and family, we do the rest! 

freshly cleaned bedroom


For the bedrooms, we dust all furniture from top to bottom, lampshades, pictures, and more. We'll also change sheets, wipe window sills, vacuum, mop and give it the full works! 

immaculately cleaned bathroom


Bathrooms can be grimy places...but not after our team is done! Our typical cleanings cover the descaling and cleaning of showers, tubs, removing the hair of all bathroom sinks, cleaning whole toilets the entire outside from tank to the chalking that on the base of it as well as dusting the pipe behind that is on wall. All vanities, sinks, vents, blinds, lights, remove the trash and replace bag if you like bags in your bathroom wastebaskets. We shake the rugs and mop the floors. 

freshly cleaned kitchen


We dust underneath the cabinets by the kickboards, then sweep or vacuum with a hard floor attachment after all corners are swept out. All counters and backsplash are cleaned after items on the counter have been picked up and cleaned. Good vents, stovetops are completely broken down of any knobs, gas burner plates, and grates and then clean the stovetop, then all the stove gadgets are as well and then replaced back. The outside of fridge/freezer is cleaned - and if the top of fridge is clear we wipe those too. The microwave is cleaned inside and out; removing the glass turning plate and washing in sink and replaced after the inside of microwave is cleaned too. All remaining appliances are cleaned on the outsides and if appliances are stainless steel, no worries those are left with no fingerprints or streaks rather they are so shined that you may have to grab your sunglasses. Faces of all cabinets is a rotation item for reoccurring cleans; however, every general clean always includes wiping all cabinets that are directly below all sinks throughout the entire home. Have a door that leads to the outside from the kitchen area? No worries, all general cleans include cleaning both sides of the glass on all doors throughout the entire home (this includes all sliding patio doors too).

cleaned laundry room


We not only remove those pesky lint traps and clean those but we clean beneath them where all that built-up lint lives. Dryers are one of the number one reasons for house fires. We care about you and your home. So why not? It is a task we can do in 5 minutes that other cleaning companies don’t for reoccurring general cleans but we do! Why? The road of going the extra mile is lonely and I would like to travel that road for you! It is what makes us stand out and allow you to watch us move our feet rather than move our jaw. We will show you in our finished results how we are outstanding.

interior of an oven after being cleaned


When it's time for a deep cleaning -- the kind that will really transform your space -- leave it to us! As part of our services, we'll deep clean the inside and outside of fridge and freezers, the inside of ovens, and cleaning above cabinets that do not reach the ceilings. We also clean all items that are high reach, then beneath and after that we line it so next time all we need to do is roll up that paper towel we laid last and replace with a clean liner. 

empty home that has been cleaned

LISTING & Empty Homes

Getting ready to sell your home or move into a new home? If so, you will want it to look immaculate and that is Sarah’s specialty! A dirty, or dull and not cared for home is not an option if you want your home under contract- and only after a bidding war. It is a psychological thing as potential buyers are viewing your home. A dirty floor could cost a potential $5000 of your listing. At Just Call Sarah we are a short investment for your largest investment. TRUTH!

clean garage


Garages. Believe it or not, we clean those, too! Let us help you keep every part of your home tidy. This is especially ideal if you are moving in or out of a home. Let us remove dust, power-wash the floors and more! 

pristinely clean tile grout


Tile grout is notorious for getting crowded with dirt and can be nearly impossible for homeowners to clean. With our help, we can make it shine like new with our highest quality and long lasting water base sealer, which has microBan to prohibit mold and mildew. It dries in only 4 hours and leaves no strong odors! Our prices are .85 cents per square foot. 

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