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Amanda in Georgetown, TX *****
My father's house needed a significant amount of attention. Sarah and her crew took on a deep clean that, quite frankly, was more than any mere mortals should be asked to handle. Not only was she communicative, clear, and kind to my father, she was honest about the amount of work needed to get his home up to snuff. When her crew couldn't handle certain aspects, she leveraged her connections to have them come in and handle it. His home is sparkling clean and organized and, most importantly, healthy! We're looking forward to having her team provide maintenance cleaning as well!
Kelly in Georgetown, TX *****
We just had Sarah and her girls clean our house. They did an excellent job. From my initial call to Sarah, she was professional and quick to return texts. When we first spoke on the phone to set up a cleaning schedule, I knew that she would get our business. Don’t hesitate to use Sarah, you won’t be sorry!!
Martha in Georgetown, TX *****
Wow! Just wow! Sarah and her team did a fantastic job getting my house ready for our daughter's wedding reception. Not only was my house sparkling clean, Sarah went above and beyond and cleaned things nobody would ever notice. She sealed all the granite countertops and made them look brand new. My stainless appliances were immaculate. I can't say enough good things about Sarah! She's a dynamo and one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. You can tell she LOVES what she does . . . her attitude is reflected in the attention to detail and the pride in her work. I'm so glad Sarah worked me into her busy schedule. I'll definitely use her again. My advice? . . . Save yourself the time and hassle and Just Call Sarah! You'll be glad you did!
Clifford in Georgetown, TX *****
I would like to thank Sarah and her team for an extremely well done job tonight. Iv tried all the home videos on YouTube about cleaning tubes and when I tell you my tub looks BRAND NEW. Just an outstanding job. I highly recommend Sarah for her services.
Cathy in Leander, TX *****
Sarah went out of her way to get me a cleaner scheduled while I was out of town. I don’t think my house has ever been son clean. I would highly recommend Sarah for her services and her willingness to be flexible so I could get the house cleaned. I will definitely use them again
Anne in Georgetown, TX *****
Sarah and her team did an outstanding job of thoroughly cleaning our home. Her normal cleaning in our opinion is akin to a deep clean. Just Call Sarah is by far the best cleaning service we have ever utilized. We asked her to clean the grout on our shower floor as an add on service and besides restoring it to pristine status, she sealed the shower floor for us also. Sarah’s attention to detail is phenomenal. We highly recommend Just Call Sarah Cleaning Service!
EJ in Pflugerville, TX *****
f you what a WOW (Walk on water experience) Then I have to tell you that you have no choice but to call Just Call Sarah Cleaning Services. After I had a cleaning service cancel on me....I needed same day service. I did a search and thought...well why NOT call Sarah? That's what I did. I got a commitment from the cleaning GURU herself that she would take care of me. When meeting her, you feel like you are meeting a member of your family that you haven't seen in a while. She was never a stranger from the intro to the outro. She didn't leave one smudge un-wiped, no appliance uninspected for cleanliness, no screen untouched, no stained not cared for and no piece of furniture left without a touch of of class. She not only went above and beyond but she also educated me on how to care for some of the things in my residence. She didn't make me feel dumb for not knowing or for being too busy with work to catch the "little things". Listen, if you are busy professional with little time to do the detailed cleaning that you desire, or trying to sell a home but need a professional touch...you Need to not second guess this review. GIVE THEM A CALL. Before she left, she went over everything to make sure it was spotless and if she missed ANYTHING...she went back over it again. Her motto was simply..."'this is what I love to do..if you are not happy, then i have not done my job". You can't beat that commitment along with a couple of laughs and great conversation about cleaning that didn't make you feel odd or a dirty person who doesn't clean. I have NEVER seen that type of cleaning in action and neither will you. That must be the reason why she is NUMBER one in this area. Don't delay..Call. You won't regret it but your place will if you don't EJ
Lori in Georgetown, TX *****
Sarah and her ladies are friendly and top notch! During this virus, she made sure to disinfect the areas that can be overlooked. I definitely recommend!
Dave in Hutto, TX *****
Sarah & her crew did a deep clean of my house prior to my realtor listing it. They did an excellent job. Sarah also shared a lot of cleaning tips with me to make my life easier in the future.

You can tell a lot about a small business owner by how they treat their people. I heard Sarah talking to her team the time they were here and what I heard said volumes. I could tell her people enjoy working for her.

There's one thing though. I don't know whether to call her a priestess or a goddess of clean. :)

When I move into my new house she'll get a call from me.
Steve in Georgetown, TX *****
We were very fortunate to find Sarah when we were looking for a cleaning service! Sarah really knows her business. Prices are very reasonable. When She and her crew arrived for our first cleaning they were fully equipped and prepared. Our home is only a year old, but they spent almost 6 hours vacuuming, cleaning and polishing. Needless to say we were very impressed and completely satisfied with their service. Highly recommend "Just Call Sarah" to atone in the area seeking perfection!!!
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